What have I been up to?

You might wonder what’s been going on around here. I haven’t had much time to post anything since life is just a bit busy.

After wrapping up the end of the school year craziness, we headed out to South Dakota for a much needed family vacation! We don’t take a vacation every year so we were definitely looking forward to this. We headed west, all 5 of us crammed into the RAV-4 with our camping gear and busy bags for the long days ahead. Since we weren’t in a hurry to get there and we wanted the kids to love it, we planned many stops along the way and took our time. It was so lovely knowing our only goal along the way was to hit our next campground before dark. That meant we could stop for any reason to take in the sites or just get out and stretch. We had a great time except for the first day, which went badly. I think it was a mix of all of us getting used to our cramped quarters, capped off by the worst campground ever. After lots of complaining and grumpiness from all the kids we drove into our campsite and through a swarm of mosquitoes. Then we stepped out of the car and into the humidity to find our site surrounded by a thicket of poison ivy! Had I not convinced my husband that the trip would get better I was sure he was going to turn us around and drive us back home. After that day everything got better. The kids got used to the tiny car and we were all generally in much better moods. We all got the hang of keeping busy on the road. The boys made so many bracelets it was crazy. The whole trip turned out to be awesome. We camped all the way out to South Dakota and the kids loved it. Their only goal was to see a buffalo and we saw a huge herd of buffalo. It was a great trip and a great way for us to kick off our summer.

When we arrived home I set to work on a commissioned project, which I just finished; expect to see it on the blog later this week.

We are also replacing the siding on our house. When I say we I mean, my husband, father-in-law and I. We are the ultimate DIYers and even though it is exhausting, it is also extremely gratifying to take on a job this big.

Between the siding, the business, and the kids, there isn’t a lot of time to blog. I will keep trying to squeeze it in and can’t wait to show you my latest project….it is awesome! Stay tuned.


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